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"Oklahoma: What's Up? - Show I" was first aired on Sunday March 30th 2003. Our Guest was The Honorable Brad Henry, Governor of the State of Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. Initial thoughts about the office of Governor after 90 days
  2. Work with Executive Branch; Work with Legislative Branch
  3. Has the "not suppose to be here" syndrome worn off yet?
  4. Budget deficit
  5. Revenue shortfall, where are we - how bad is it?
  6. Education funding
  7. Public schools are top priority
  8. No cuts - 110 million more, how can this happen?
  9. School consolidation
  10. Education lottery
  11. $300 million of new revenue - is this realistic?
  12. Legislature to approve vote of the people
  13. Historical precedent (42 other times)
  14. Is this a partisan issue?
  15. Do we learn from right to work?
  16. If no legislative approval, statewide initiative? - a constitutional or legislative change?
  17. Deacon in Baptist Church - does the Baptist opposition cause you difficulty
  18. Indian Gaming Compact

Kent Meyers, Mick Cornett, Governor Brad Henry