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"The High Cost of Medical Malpractice Insurance for Doctors: What is the Cause? - Show II (rebroadcast)" was first aired on Sunday March 23rd 2003. Our Guest was Dr. Jack Beller, President-Elect, Oklahoma State Medical Association.

Our topics included:
  1. Show II on the cost of medical malpractice insurance for doctors: what is the cause
  2. Two weeks ago had Jim Loftis, President, Oklahoma Trial Lawyers Association
  3. This week will have Dr. Jack Beller, President-Elect, Oklahoma Medical Association to get the opposing views
  4. The Legislature has not spoken on this yet and this discussion could not be more timely
  5. What has happened to medical malpractice insurance premiums? Nationally and in Oklahoma
  6. Why have these dramatic increases occurred?
  7. Patient jury verdicts; Patient settlements; Insurance companies overcharging doctors
  8. What has been the result to the medical community in Oklahoma?
  9. Are we having doctors leaving/retiring
  10. What is the danger to the community for lack of access to medical care if this continues?
  11. Discussion on the task force of Governor Henry
  12. Membership; Have they met? What is the mission? What is the timing?
  13. Discussion on the proposed legislation:
  14. $250,000 limit on non-economic damages; Limit attorney's contingent fees; require expert certification before suit is filed
  15. Lawyers keeping more than 50% of the award - how can this be happening?