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"Efficiency/Success" was first aired on Sunday March 7th 2021. Our Guest was AJ Griffin, Director, Government & Community Affairs, Paycom. Show No. 1033

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Our topics included:
  1. Discuss her OSU background and the affect it had and is having on her life.
  2. Discuss Burns Hargis? retirement.
  3. Discuss her endeavors with abused and deprived children.
  4. ? OICA
  5. ? Kids Count
  6. ? University of Texas
  7. Discuss her legislative experience.
  8. Discuss Paycom, and what it does
  9. Discuss it being a nationally recognized top place to work.
  10. What she does at Paycom
  11. Discuss Paycom?s assisting with foster families.
  12. Discuss the current environment and Paycom?s business model.