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"Protecting Others in a Pandemic" was first aired on Sunday August 9th 2020. Our Guest was Michelle Shepard General Manager, Grand Tapestry at Quail Springs. Show No. 1003

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Our topics included:
  1. Discuss her duties at Grand Tapestry Quail Springs
  2. Discuss Grand Tapestry Quail Springs and who it serves
  3. General average occupancy numbers
  4. Discuss Grand Tapestry's responsibility for COVID safety
  5. Major dangers for someone 55 and over
  6. Immediate measures they took when COVID became known to be a problem and when
  7. Security at Grand Tapestry
  8. How they control non-resident visits
  9. How long she expects their enhanced security measures to remain in effect ? any changes
  10. Results she has seen insofar as the health of their population
  11. Plans for the future