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"All Things COVID" was first aired on Sunday August 2nd 2020. Our Guest was Dale Bratzler, Enterprise Chief Quality Officer, OU Medicine. Show No. 1002

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Our topics included:
  1. As Chief Quality Officer for OU Medicine Enterprises, discuss his primary duties
  2. How he arrived at OU
  3. How he decided did the area of practice specialty that he has
  4. Discuss COVID in Oklahoma
  5. His biggest concerns about Oklahoma?s status
  6. His assessment about serious national hot spots ? should they all be doing the same thing (Florida vs. Texas vs. California)
  7. The second wave of COVID ? how one knows the difference between the first wave and the second wave
  8. How we deal with a second wave if we are in the midst of the flu season
  9. His best guess about the likelihood of success for a vaccine and when
  10. His prediction where we will be one year from now with regard to COVID