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"Working With Adolescents - Tough Answers to Tough Questsions - Show II" was first aired on Sunday February 16th 2003. Our Guests were Lesia Foerster-Doan, L.B.P., UCO Graduate and Dr. Robert Doan, Ph.D., UCO Professor.

Our topics included:
  1. Last week we talked about troubled and disruptive kids in our schools
  2. This week we will look at what we have to do about it
  3. What kind of corrective/punishment action needs to be taken
  4. If kids are in trouble because of behavior, how the Juvenile Criminal Justice system deals with this
  5. Focus of criminal justice system is on: 1) Punishment; 2) Rehabilitation; 3) Safety of others
  6. What primary focus should be with kids
  7. How these issues are best addressed: 1) At an individual level; 2) Family level; 3) Cultural level
  8. Oklahoma is in a financial crisis and is 49th in financial support of teachers and education
  9. What this tells us - Will more money make any difference
  10. Where funding is needed most to help "at risk" kids
  11. Rehabilitation/recidivism - Are we doing enough to rehabilitate once the child is in custody
  12. What we are doing and why
  13. Does this lead to adult criminal activity
  14. Certifying kids as adults to stand trial for criminal conduct
  15. Executing the teenager

Lesia Foerster-Doan, Kent Meyers, Mick Cornett, Robert Doan