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"Working With Adolescents; Tough Answers to Tough Questions - Show I" was first aired on Sunday February 9th 2003. Our Guests were UCO Professor Robert Doan, Ph.D. and UCO Graduate Lesia Foerster-Doan, L.B.P.

Our topics included:
  1. Previous shows dealt with deprived and abused children
  2. These next two shows deal with kids in trouble for what they did - delinquents
  3. We will discuss the difference today from the past - school violence and disruptive conduct
  4. Our guests are very informed on this topic
  5. We will discuss the increase in unrest and violence in our schools
  6. What amount/degree more now - what is contributing to this and how Oklahoma schools are equipped to handle this
  7. What should be done at school level to do away with need for metal detectors/drug tests/bullying
  8. What should be done at home
  9. Why so many of our young people are disillusioned and dissatisfied
  10. Normal adolescent behavior - is there a general profile of kids in trouble and their families?
  11. This show we will talk about the causes of kids getting in trouble at school, next week we will talk about what happens when they do

Lesia Foerster-Doan, Kent Meyers, Mick Cornett, Robert Doan