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"Meet the State Treausurer" was first aired on Sunday March 24th 2019. Our Guest was Randy McDaniel, Oklahoma State Treasurer. Show No. 931

Our topics included:
  1. Congratulations on your victory
  2. Talk generally about how the gross receipts are looking so for in the state
  3. Talk about the energy economy and how it affects what you do.
  4. Talk about the State Budget and what the prospects are for the next coming year
  5. What is your top priority as State Treasurer?
  6. What are the various duties that you perform as the top elected financial officer?
  7. How do you safeguard state resources?
  8. How do you maximize investment income?
  9. Why is financial literacy important?
  10. Talk about the Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan
  11. Where are we on unclaimed property?
  12. What is your understanding of the Oklahoma Economic Report?
  13. What can our viewers do to help?