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"Too Busy" was first aired on Sunday November 18th 2018. Our Guest was Jo Lynn Jeter, Attorney, Norman, Wohlgemuth, Chandler, Jeter, Barnett & Ray. Show No. 913

Our topics included:
  1. How she is enjoying things in the practice of law
  2. Her work with the Tulsa homeless community and how she got interested in it
  3. How sizeable the problem is for Tulsa
  4. Progress that is being made for the homeless
  5. Discuss her endeavors with the Work, Life, Balance Project
  6. How it has changed since she began practicing law
  7. Difficulty for anyone to strike the proper Work, Life, Balance and is everyone?s balance the same
  8. Changes in the Tulsa community in relation to the recognition of Work, Life Balance
  9. What needs to be done to accommodate the workforce in a way that achieves Work, Life Balance