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"A View from the Governor's Office" was first aired on Sunday October 14th 2018. Our Guest was Chris Benge, Chief of Staff, Governor's Office. Show No. 908

Our topics included:
  1. Update on happenings at the Capitol
  2. What has his attention in the Governor?s office at this time?
  3. His goals for the remainder of Governor Fallin?s term
  4. How the financial situation is looking from the budgetary standpoint
  5. Discuss his position as the Native American Liaison from the Governor?s office
  6. Discuss the F-35 Task Force
  7. How the Governor will transition from the Governor?s position and transfer responsibilities of the office to the newly elected Governor?
  8. Discuss his time as Secretary of State and what that involved
  9. What?s next for Chris Benge?