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"Let's Got to the Movies" was first aired on Sunday October 7th 2018. Our Guest was Rachael Meyers. Show No. 907

Our topics included:
  1. Discuss a movie she wrote, produced and directed about a year ago called ?Forget Me Not?
  2. ? Discuss the basis for this story
  3. Billy Lewis, her music instructor on whose life the movie is based
  4. Future plans for ?Forget Me Not?
  5. Her movie opening at the Tulsa Film Festival
  6. What the story is about
  7. How she came about directing this
  8. Discuss the writer and co-producer
  9. How Zoie and Ari has faired in the film festivals around the country
  10. Discuss her trip to the Cannes Film Festival with Zoie and Ari
  11. Long-term plans for Zoie and Ari