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"Positive Tomorrows" was first aired on Sunday April 29th 2018. Our Guest was Susan Agel, President, Positive Tomorrows. Show No. 883

Our topics included:
  1. Discuss Positive Tomorrows and how its school was established.
  2. Where their students come from and how they get to school each day.
  3. Barriers that keep homeless students from succeeding in school and how they remove those barriers.
  4. How constant stress affects children’s capacity to learn.
  5. Steps they take to insure the classroom is an ideal learning environment for their students.
  6. Opportunities they extend to students that they may miss out on as a result of being homeless.
  7. Support provided to the students’ families.
  8. How their school is different than public schools.
  9. Number of homeless students currently in our public schools.
  10. Do they turn students away?
  11. Discuss their capital campaign.
  12. How the new facility will help.
  13. What viewers can do to help.

Susan Agel, Kent Meyers, Terri Watkins