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"Tobacco Stops With Me" was first aired on Sunday December 31st 2017. Our Guest was John Woods, Executive Director, TSET. Show No. 866

Our topics included:
  1. Tell us when TSET was established, how it was established, and why it was established
  2. What about its governance
  3. What about its purpose
  4. Talk about the tobacco sensation efforts and the helpline
  5. Talk about Oklahoma’s smoking rate in comparison to other states
  6. Talk about how that applies to kids
  7. Talk about TSET’s impact in Oklahoma
  8. Discuss the health community intervention
  9. Talk about medical costs avoided
  10. How is TSET involved in research
  11. Visit with us about wellness grants
  12. Talk about e-cigarettes
  13. What can our viewers do to help

John Woods, Kent Meyers