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"Sexual Harassment Today" was first aired on Sunday December 24th 2017. Our Guest was Cara Smith, Assistant Attorney General, Division Director – Civil Rights Division. Show No. 865

Our topics included:
  1. Tell us about how you came to be affiliated with the Attorney General’s office
  2. Talk about your prior experience and how it equipped you for the job you have now
  3. Tell our viewers about the civil rights enforcement unit at the attorney general’s office – what is its mission
  4. What kind of staffing do you have for this unit
  5. What types of cases do you handle generally speaking
  6. Tell us about the work you do educating the public on anti-discrimination rights and responsibilities
  7. There is an awful lot of information today about sexual harassment in the work place. Are you seeing an increase in your office that deal with that topic
  8. How are you partnering with the public to advance the cause of civil rights for the benefit of all Oklahomans
  9. Talk to us a little bit about the Oklahoma Anti-Discrimination Act. What is covered by it and what kind of rights flow from it
  10. Talk to us about the handling of complaints of racial profiling by law enforcement
  11. What can our viewers do to assist your office

Cara Smith, Kent Meyers