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"A Life of Service" was first aired on Sunday December 17th 2017. Our Guest was Willa Johnson. Show No. 864

Our topics included:
  1. You served 14 years on the City Council, why did you decide to run for City Council in Ward 7
  2. How did you enjoy the campaign experience
  3. Talk about your service on the City Council
  4. Talk about the establishment of the first TEE program
  5. Talk about your 7 years as a County Commissioner from District 3
  6. Why did you decide to do this
  7. How are your duties different than they were as a City Council person
  8. What do you rank as your major accomplishments as County Commissioner
  9. Why have you decided to retire
  10. Cancer survivor
  11. What’s next for you

Willa Johnson, Kent Meyers