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"Meet the New Chief Justice" was first aired on Sunday April 2nd 2017. Our Guest was Douglas Combs, Chief Justice, Oklahoma Supreme Court. Show No. 829

Our topics included:
  1. Congratulations on being appointed Chief Justice.
  2. He previously served as vice chief justice, discuss his duties.
  3. Major duties of the chief justice.
  4. Discuss the “schedule” the Court maintains in receiving cases, deciding which cases to resolve and then carrying out the resolution of these cases.
  5. Discuss the makeup of the Court at 9 members, if that is a desirable number - should there be more or should there be fewer.
  6. The Court of Civil Appeals is broken down into divisions, thoughts given to breaking the Supreme Court down into divisions.
  7. Discuss budget constraints and the effect our economic situation in the state is having on the Supreme Court and the other courts in the state.
  8. His first few months as Chief Justice.
  9. How the citizens of Oklahoma, particularly the viewers in this program, can help the Court.

Kent Meyers, Chief Justice Combs