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"OKC Family Justice Center" was first aired on Sunday March 19th 2017. Our Guests were Tricia Everest, President, The Oklahoma City Family Justice Center and Kim Garrett, LMSW, NACP, Executive Director, The Oklahoma City Family Justice Center. Show No. 826

Our topics included:
  1. The Family Justice Center.
  2. How each became involved.
  3. Discuss the group of civic-minded individuals who supported their efforts.
  4. Members of that group.
  5. Mission of the Family Justice Center.
  6. Where it is located and how it is staffed.
  7. Victims served (domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking).
  8. Officers and board members.
  9. Advisory board and who makes up that membership.
  10. Discuss Camp Hope.
  11. What viewers can do to assist.