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"OKC's Jackie Robinson: Bill Greason" was first aired on Sunday March 12th 2017. Our Guest was Rev. Bill Greason, Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame Inductee. Show No. 825

Our topics included:
  1. Congratulations on being selected to the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame.
  2. Discuss his ‘Pastoring”.
  3. Discuss his time as a Marine during World War II.
  4. Discuss becoming a baseball player - who taught him how to pitch.
  5. Discuss playing with the Birmingham Black Barons (Willie Mays).
  6. He came to Oklahoma City for part of the 1952 season, how that happened.
  7. He came back in 1953, discuss about being the first and only black player on the roster.
  8. Reception by Oklahoma City fans - opposing players - opposing fans.
  9. After leaving Oklahoma City, describe his experience in St. Louis.
  10. How he came to be involved in the ministry.