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"Your Labor Commissioner" was first aired on Sunday November 6th 2016. Our Guest was Melissa McLawhorn Houston, Commissioner of Labor, State of Oklahoma.. Show No. 807

Our topics included:
  1. Congratulations on her appointment by Governor Fallin.
  2. How she has settled into the job.
  3. The hardest thing she has had to deal with.
  4. Length of her remaining term.
  5. Considering Mark Costello’s tragic death, difficulty of assuming this position under those circumstances.
  6. How her prior experience with the Attorney General’s office equipped her to hand this task.
  7. She has announced she is not going to run for election.
  8. Why that is so and when she came to that conclusion.
  9. As Labor Commissioner her principal duties.
  10. Greatest challenges she has faced so far as Labor Commissioner.
  11. Her thoughts on if Oklahoma needs new Legislative action in the area of labor law.
  12. What viewers can do to make the operation of her office smoother.

Melissa McLawhorn Houston, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers