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"Our Oklahoma State Medical Association" was first aired on Sunday October 30th 2016. Our Guest was Sherri S. Baker, M.D., President, Oklahoma State Medical Association. Show No. 806

Our topics included:
  1. Dr. Baker’s background and her past to serving as president of this prestigious organization.
  2. Biggest issues Oklahoma physicians face:
  3. health care in our state (childhood obesity, opioid addiction, access to physicians);
  4. rising frustration/burnout of practicing physicians (reimbursement complexity, mandates that take doctors away from direct patient care, fewer solo practice physicians, more employed by health systems/hospitals);
  5. scope of practices – those who haven’t gone to medical school but want state to allow them to do medical procedures (NPs, PTs, CRNA, optometrists);
  6. believe physicians should lead the health care team for the best interest of patient care and safety.
  7. We all remember the proposed 25% cut in Medicaid allocation by the Healthcare Authority during last spring’s legislative session.
  8. How did Oklahoma physicians fare with all of that?
  9. What she expects the 2017 legislative session to hold related to issues impacting physicians.
  10. As Associate Dean of Admissions at the OU College of Medicine, her observations about future doctors – doctors now in training.

Sherri Baker, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers