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"The Presidential (and other) Elections" was first aired on Sunday September 25th 2016. Our Guest was R. Keith Gaddie, Professor, Political Science Department, University of Oklahoma. Show No. 801

Our topics included:
  1. His thoughts about the Late-August runoff elections in Oklahoma.
  2. Discuss the Presidential election.
  3. As a political science expert, has he seen any precedent for an election (candidates) like this.
  4. We hear a lot about swing states, which ones they are and his prediction on how each one will turn out.
  5. We used to think “read my lips, no new taxes” or riding in a tank were political mistakes, how this election compares.
  6. Assuming no “sea change event”, his prediction of who will win and by how much.
  7. Effect this election will have on the rest of the parties’ candidates?
  8. As a political scientist, his thoughts on importance of “direct democracy” (letting the people vote) in Oklahoma and how it is working.