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"Meet the New Superintendent" was first aired on Sunday July 24th 2016. Our Guest was Aurora Lora, Superintendent, Oklahoma City Public Schools. Show No. 792

Our topics included:
  1. Her reaction when she was told that she had been named Superintendent.
  2. Preparation she did to become the Superintendent of the largest school district in Oklahoma.
  3. Major challenges facing the Oklahoma City School District.
  4. How she intends to address these.
  5. Will her previous position be filled now that she has moved up to Superintendent.
  6. Contemplation of moving into a new administration building.
  7. What she sees as the goal of the Oklahoma City School District five years from now/ten years from now.
  8. What viewers can do to help.
  9. What viewers can do to help.

Aurora Lora, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers