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"Arts? Why?" was first aired on Sunday June 5th 2016. Our Guests were Michael Laird, Allied Arts 2016 Campaign Co-Chair, Deborah McAuliffe Senner, Allied Arts President/CEO and Michael Baron, Producing Artistic Director for Lyric Theatre. Show No. 785

Our topics included:
  1. Deborah – discusses Allied Arts:
  2. Its mission;
  3. its member agencies;
  4. the educational outreach;
  5. the governance.
  6. Michael Laird – discusses the Allied Arts drive of which he is the co-chair:
  7. The other co-chair;
  8. why we have it;
  9. similarity to the United Way concept;
  10. why this year is different from previous years.
  11. Michael Baron – discusses the Lyric Theatre:
  12. Its history;
  13. its audience served annually;
  14. the arts program initiatives;
  15. importance of Allied Arts funding to the Lyric Theatre’s survival;
  16. upcoming season.
  17. Deborah/Michael Laird – discuss decreases in funding this year;
  18. how campaigning is going so far;
  19. what small donations will do;
  20. how people can get involved;
  21. 45 day give-away program;
  22. availability of raffle tickets to be purchased online.