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"Changes in Liquor Regulations – Part 2" was first aired on Sunday May 29th 2016. Our Guests were J.P. Richard, Board of Directors, The Retail Liquor Assoc. of OK and Brian Kerr, President, The Retail Liquor Assoc. of OK. Show No. 784

Our topics included:
  1. J.P. and Brian discuss the changes in the Oklahoma liquor laws that are pending now and their positions about them.
  2. How they think the sale of wine and beer should be handled in Oklahoma –need for a change.
  3. Pluses and minuses of the changes being suggested.
  4. Does the proposal being put forth by Senator Bice count as franchising Oklahoma.
  5. Does it change the requirement that all retailers and wholesalers be treated without discrimination.
  6. Their thoughts on what should happen with regard to the proposed legislation.
  7. Why they feel this way.

Bryan Kerr, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers, J.P. Richard