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"A Report from the Speaker" was first aired on Sunday May 8th 2016. Our Guest was Jeffrey W. Hickman, Speaker of the House of Representatives. Show No. 781

Our topics included:
  1. Update on happenings at the Capitol.
  2. What he sees as progress on the budget deficit that’s facing the state.
  3. Other matters coming out of the House or Legislature in general he thinks should be emphasized to our viewers.
  4. His feelings about using joint House and Senate resolutions instead of simply passing legislation.
  5. Longer term solutions to the budget crisis we have now particularly if the oil and gas industry remains in the doldrums.
  6. After completion of his term, his plans following his service as Speaker.
  7. Where he sees Oklahoma’s economy 5 years from now.

Jeffrey Hickman, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers