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"Prostate Cancer 2.0" was first aired on Sunday December 6th 2015. Our Guest was Michael S. Cookson, M.D., M.M.H.C., Chairman & Prof., Donald D. Albers Endowed Chair, Urologic Oncology, OU Health Sciences Center. Show No. 759

Our topics included:
  1. Incidence of prostate cancer in Oklahoma among Oklahoma men.
  2. His training and background.
  3. What caused him to decide to stay in Oklahoma.
  4. Current availability of testing – what’s involved.
  5. Why it is important to see a Specialist and how one finds a specialist.
  6. Treatment options: Active surveillance; Robotic surgery; Clinical trials.
  7. What he anticipates happening in the treatment of prostate cancer in the next 5-10 years.

Dr. Cookson, Mick Cornett