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"A Conversation With Lieutenant Governor Mary Fallin" was first aired on Sunday October 13th 2002. Our Guest was Mary Fallin, Lieutenant Governor.

Our topics included:
  1. Dissuss the statement in her website regarding the elderly “Laura Boyd’s proposals for a nursing home bill of rights are already state law”
  2. If there is anything new in Laura Boyd's proposal.
  3. Economic development & the State’s current economic crunch.
  4. A possible short-term solution.
  5. What the State should do to meet its obligations.
  6. Should all board agencies & interests get an equal, across the board reduction or are some more important than others.
  7. Education & her statement that our kids deserve a first class public education system.
  8. How we can get one.
  9. Possible school consolidation in the rural areas.
  10. What should be done to improve our public education system & keep our teachers.
  11. Tourism & her position as Chairman of the Tourism Commission.
  12. Was transferring the Quartz Mountain Lodge from Tourism a correct thing to do
  13. How we can maintain these facilities in these economic times.
  14. Giving the Tourism Commission authority “to secure private sector participation in the ownership & operation of our lodges & cabins at Roman Nose, Lake Murray & Western Hills” & how she envisions that working & why will that bring about a better solution.

Kent Meyers, Larry Blankenship, Mick Cornett, Lt. Gov. Mary Fallin