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"Oklahoma Lawyers for Children: An Update" was first aired on Sunday September 27th 2015. Our Guests were Tsinena Thompson, President, Oklahoma Lawyers for Children and Alisa Shaddix White, Attorney, Middleton, Nowakowski & Smith.

Our topics included:
  1. Alisa, how and why she got involved with Oklahoma Lawyers for Children
  2. Her principal duties as Chairman of the Board of the organization
  3. Tsinena, how she got involved and why she chose to become the President and CEO of Oklahoma Lawyers for Children
  4. Her principal duties as President and CEO of the organization
  5. Principal projects the organization is involved in now
  6. Number of volunteers and children they are representing at Oklahoma Lawyers for Children
  7. Cases handled outside of Oklahoma County
  8. What's on the horizon as new projects just getting started or about to commence
  9. What viewers can do to assist Oklahoma Lawyers for Children to carry out its mission

Tsinena Thompson, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers, Alisa White