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"OU v. NCAA - Who Won? - Show II" was first aired on Sunday September 22nd 2002. Our Guests were Berry Tramel, Sports writer, and Host, “The Sports Edge”, KREF and Dean Blevins, Sports Director, KWTV and KATT.

Our topics included:
  1. Free market revolution in the televising of college football. - Good? - For whom? Universities? Conferences? Fans? NCAA?
  2. Pluses: More revenue to the schools - Old Miss example; Conference championship games; Recruiting; Live attendance
  3. Minuses: Start times; Conference restructure to get better television contracts; Loss of rivalries; Self-destruction for national championship by beating up on each other
  4. Friday night football (OU/Tulsa, etc. what is the future?) - Mid-major conferences method of competition; Does it hurt high school attendance?
  5. Current BCS structure - is it okay - does it need change?
  6. College football playoff - should we have one and how should it be structured?
  7. Big 12 prediction
  8. National championship prediction

Berry Tramel, Larry Blankenship, Kent Meyers, Mick Cornett, Dean Blevins