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"Women in Oklahoma Banking" was first aired on Sunday December 7th 2014. Our Guest was Jill Castilla, CEO and President of Citizens Bank of Edmond.

Our topics included:
  1. Status of women in banking generally today and particularly in Oklahoma.
  2. How more women can be enticed into executive positions in the banking industry – what has to happen.
  3. What she sees as the biggest hurdles facing women in banking.
  4. Better chances for advancement for women in a large national bank or in a smaller community bank and why.
  5. Are colleges and universities doing enough to prepare women for careers in banking.
  6. Path she would recommend for a woman that wants to become involved in banking as a career.
  7. Where she sees the future of banking going both nationally and in Oklahoma in the next 5-10 years – changes we are going to see.
  8. Are payment systems like Apple has recently introduced with its new IPhone something that the banks welcome or see as a threat/problem and why.
  9. How she finds the Edmond community as far as being receptive to women in banking.