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"A Cancer Research Updage" was first aired on Sunday October 12th 2014. Our Guest was Shubham Pant, M.D., Stephenson Cancer Center Oncologist.

Our topics included:
  1. How he came to Oklahoma and how he is liking it.
  2. What a clinical trial is and the different types of clinical trials.
  3. Purposes of clinical trials and why are they important not only for cancer but for all diseases.
  4. The only phase 1 cancer trials in Oklahoma are now available at the Stephenson Cancer Center, why that is the case and what the Cancer Center hopes to accomplish.
  5. How these trials have progressed.
  6. What is cancer and what happens in the body when someone does have cancer.
  7. What's ahead for cancer treatment.
  8. What he predicts will be the result of clinical trials in cancer –the objective.
  9. 10 years from now, will there be a cure for cancer.

Dr. Pant, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers