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"An Update from Mayor Bartlett" was first aired on Sunday June 29th 2014. Our Guest was Dewey Bartlett, Mayor, City of Tulsa.

Our topics included:
  1. His thoughts on the major issues facing Tulsa in the near term.
  2. How he sees the cooperation between Tulsa and Oklahoma City continuing in the upcoming years.
  3. Specifics projects they might cooperate on.
  4. Tulsa budget.
  5. How adequate is the fire and police protection for the City.
  6. Where he stands on the City having the power to set minimum wage in light of the legislative enactment intending to deprive cities of that power.
  7. Foreseeable major change in the development of the Arkansas River in the Tulsa area.
  8. How citizens can find out what's going on in Tulsa and learn about City activities.

Mayor Bartlett, Kent Meyers