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"Oklahoma Quakes" was first aired on Sunday June 1st 2014. Our Guest was Austin Holland, Research Seismologist, Oklahoma Geological Survey.

Our topics included:
  1. What's going on at the Oklahoma Geological Survey.
  2. Mission of the Oklahoma Geological Survey and how it reacts with the University of Oklahoma.
  3. What brought him to Oklahoma from Idaho.
  4. Does his work at the OGS extend beyond the state boundaries or is it limited to what is going on in the State of Oklahoma from a seismic standpoint.
  5. What is "triggered seismicity".
  6. His best judgment about what's going on in Oklahoma from the standpoint of earthquake seismology.
  7. His predictions about tendencies and likelihood of major earthquakes in the future.
  8. Things viewers need to know about earthquakes – large or small.
  9. Availability of earthquake insurance to homeowners here in Oklahoma, difficulty obtaining it and affordability.
  10. Areas of Oklahoma more subject to earthquakes, large or small, than other areas, and why.
  11. Location of the areas particularly vulnerable to seismic activity.
  12. What the average homeowner can do to protect themselves from an earthquake.

Austin Holland, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers