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"An Update from OERB" was first aired on Sunday May 25th 2014. Our Guest was Tim Munson, Chairman of the Board, OERB.

Our topics included:
  1. Update on OERB's education efforts over the past year.
  2. Number of students and teachers reached.
  3. Programs available for high school students and professionals.
  4. Well-site safety.
  5. What's been going on in well-site restoration.
  6. Other OERB programs.
  7. Hydraulic fracturing, what it is in laymen's terms.
  8. What is a "fracking" fluid.
  9. How deep hydraulic fracturing occurs.
  10. Safeguards in place to protect freshwater supplies.
  11. Who regulates hydraulic fracturing.
  12. His thoughts about efforts by the current administration in Washington to have hydraulic fracturing regulated at the federal level.
  13. Oklahoma's current drought and what the industry is doing, if anything to conserve water.
  14. His response to people who think hydraulic fracturing is the cause of Oklahoma's earthquakes.

Tim Munson, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers