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"OLFC - What is it?" was first aired on Sunday March 9th 2014. Our Guests were Tsinena Bruno-Thompson, President & CEO, Oklahoma Lawyers for Children and John Hermes, Chairman of the Board, Oklahoma Lawyers for Children.

Our topics included:
  1. What is OLFC.
  2. No fees are received for the work.
  3. Governance.
  4. Number of volunteers – lawyer; non-lawyer.
  5. Children served in 2013.
  6. Why an increase in kids in care – 8,000 to 11,000.
  7. Players in a kids’ case: Kid; Parents; DHS; State of Oklahoma; Others (grandparents).
  8. Major possible outcome: Return home; Terminating parental rights and adoption.
  9. Future plans for OLFC.
  10. Uniqueness of organization (other states).

John Hermes, Kent Meyers, Tsinena Bruno-Thompson