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"A Look at a Legislative Interim Study" was first aired on Sunday October 6th 2013. Our Guest was Kay Floyd, District 88, Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Our topics included:
  1. Her service in the House of Representatives and how she has enjoyed it so far
  2. Upcoming special session and what she expects
  3. Interim study on poverty and its link to domestic violence beginning October 17th.
  4. Why she sought this and what she hopes to have accomplished
  5. Preview of who she would expect to testify or consult with on the interim study group
  6. How prevalent domestic violence is outside the major metropolitan areas
  7. Any legislation she anticipates coming out of this interim study that will improve our situation
  8. No official interim study on this topic, her interest in reviewing the impact of unconstitutional legislation being passed by the Legislature and the cost of court proceedings to try to defend it
  9. What she expects to do in that regard
  10. If the Legislature passes a Bill that most agree is unconstitutional, why the state should go to the time and expense of defending it
  11. Why not just start over like we did in the special session on tort reform
  12. What she thinks about a procedure that would submit to the Oklahoma Supreme Court for prescreening prior to placing an issue on the ballot for constitutionality (such as done in the initiative petition arena)
  13. This would potentially alleviate numerous lawsuits and unnecessary legal expenses
  14. If she could pick one issue she would like to see the Legislature address and act on in this next session, what it would be

Kay Floyd, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers