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"Let's Hear from the Voice of the Thunder" was first aired on Sunday September 29th 2013. Our Guest was Matt Pinto, Radio Play-by-Play Announcer, Oklahoma City Thunder.

Our topics included:
  1. What he does during off season
  2. Excluding Oklahoma City, of all the cities where he's worked in this business, his favorite and why
  3. Where he lives during the off season and how he finds the Oklahoma City community
  4. He radio broadcasts without any on-air assistance, difficulty of this
  5. How he stays “prepared” for each game
  6. How often he consults with Brian Davis and Grant Long about people, places and things
  7. How he sees the Thunder shaping up this year
  8. His view about the addition of Derek Fisher for the entire year rather than simply late in the year
  9. What he anticipates the starting 5 will look like this year
  10. Reggie Jackson be in the starting lineup and if so, at whose expense
  11. Whose performance this year he thinks will be the biggest favorable surprise to the fans
  12. Will the Thunder win the West or the Finals

Matt Pinto, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers