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"Corporation Commission Update Following Our Storms" was first aired on Sunday September 1st 2013. Our Guest was Patrice Douglas, Corporation Commissioner.

Our topics included:
  1. Update on happenings at Oklahoma Corporation Commission
  2. How the service she has rendered so far been different than what she expected it to be
  3. Major responsibilities of an Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner
  4. After the ice storms and power outages, we hear discussion about buried electrical lines so they would not be subject to ice or wind damage, what the Commission is talking regarding such topics
  5. Who would the cost of burying lines across the City ultimately fall on
  6. Her work in the telephone area.
  7. Discussion has been Oklahoma City may need to have another area code added, why
  8. Initiatives she is working on at the Corporation Commission viewers would be interested in
  9. After this length of time being on the Commission, how she has enjoyed her service
  10. What viewers can do to find out more about what the Commission does and be in contact with her

Patrice Douglas, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers