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"Supervision of High School Activities" was first aired on Sunday August 18th 2013. Our Guest was Ed Sheakley, Executive Director, Oklahoma Secondary School Activities.

Our topics included:
  1. What is OSSAA – type of organization
  2. Activities OSSAA regulates
  3. Membership in OSSAA - voluntary or do all schools have to participate
  4. Can a member school play a non-member team and how that is handled
  5. Changes in classifications in different sports
  6. How schools are divided up playing football and basketball
  7. Significant changes in classification on the horizon
  8. Rules involved with eligibility of a player when the family has moved from one school district to another
  9. Process followed to review an eligibility issue
  10. When the school or the student’s family disagree, what can be done
  11. Board of Directors and its duties, membership and geographic dispersion
  12. Interim study by Legislature
  13. Policy on public access to their records in the fashion similar to the Oklahoma Open Records Act
  14. Win-Win Program

Ed Sheakley, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers