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"A Visit with the Speaker of the House" was first aired on Sunday July 21st 2013. Our Guest was T.W. Shannon, Speaker, Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Our topics included:
  1. Congratulations on finishing the first session as Speaker.
  2. Surprises he saw during his first session of the House of Representatives in his leadership position
  3. His general thoughts on the session
  4. Republican Party holds a strong majority position, how he exercised considerable leadership skills to bring about consensus on a number of issues.
  5. Difficulty of doing same.
  6. Highlights of the Legislative Session from his perspective.
  7. Low lights, if any.
  8. His view about interim studies that ought to be conducted between now and the beginning of the Legislative Session
  9. What he would like to see accomplished next year
  10. Some of his major agenda items
  11. Movement afoot to try to bring about the changing of some of the statewide offices from elective to appointive by the Governor
  12. His satisfaction with the format or structure of the budget process
  13. Anticipated changes

T.W. Shannon, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers