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"Meet University of Tulsa's New Athletic Director" was first aired on Sunday May 5th 2013. Our Guest was Dr. Derrick Gragg, V.P. and Director of Athletics, The University of Tulsa.

Our topics included:
  1. Congratulations on being named Vice President and Director of Athletics for the University of Tulsa.
  2. How Tulsa was able to talk him into coming to their beautiful campus.
  3. His time at Vanderbilt University.
  4. The biggest challenges he and the University of Tulsa face from an athletic program standpoint.
  5. Approximate number of student athletes on scholarship at the University of Tulsa.
  6. How he and his family are acclimating to Tulsa life.
  7. What Tulsa's recent change in conference affiliation has done to alter the planning for the Athletic Department.
  8. From the standpoint of facilities, what he hopes to see changed in the next 5-10 years.
  9. Biggest challenges facing Universities such as Tulsa, besides having enough money.
  10. His reception by the administration and the faculty and staff at the University of Tulsa, his biggest surprise.
  11. What the future holds for Dr. Gragg.