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"Basketball in General" was first aired on Sunday March 3rd 2013. Our Guest was Berry Tramel, Sports Writer, The Oklahoman.

Our topics included:
  1. State of major college basketball in Oklahoma
  2. How attendance is holding up from prior years
  3. Recent article about perhaps Gallagher-Iba is too big to be profitable for the OSU athletic program, how that works
  4. Impact the Thunder has had, if any, on attendance at major college basketball games (OU and OSU and Tulsa)
  5. OU basketball team and the chances for the NCAA Tournament
  6. OSU basketball team and their chances for the NCAA Tournament
  7. His prediction about how the ranking in the Big 12 will finally come out
  8. Who's going to win the League
  9. Are we finally seeing the full impact of the "One-and-Done" Rule on college basketball in shrinking attendance and decreased fan support
  10. Professional basketball and the NBA, his take on the Thunder so far this season
  11. How he sees the Western Division, Eastern Division and NBA Finals coming out

Berry Tramel, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers