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"Law in China?" was first aired on Sunday March 17th 2013. Our Guest was Lawrence K. Hellman, Dean Emeritus, Oklahoma City University School of Law.

Our topics included:
  1. In his last show he discussed the Innocence Project and what OCU was doing to assist those that had been incarcerated wrongly – on the policy side, what can be done to extinguish or diminish the number of individuals wrongly incarcerated in the first plac
  2. How his work at OCU deals with the policy side
  3. His involvement with OCU's international activities, including those with law schools in China
  4. Their study abroad program
  5. Their Certificate in American Law Program for Chinese law students that are at OCU during the summer
  6. Visiting scholars from Chinese law schools at OCU
  7. Second International Symposium on Sino-American Comparative Law and what's going to happen
  8. Developing plans by OCU to award an LLM degree for foreign lawyers
  9. His teaching at Chinese Law Schools
  10. How he does it from a language standpoint and topics he covers
  11. Chinese graduate students from OCU
  12. What he sees as the future for international exchange students and professors in areas of the law

Larry Hellman, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers