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"Meet Oklahoma's Securities Administrator" was first aired on Sunday February 17th 2013. Our Guest was Irving Faught, Administrator, Oklahoma Securities Commission.

Our topics included:
  1. Investor Protection
  2. Investment fraud in Oklahoma and the need for investor protection education
  3. Why the Securities Commission created the Invest Ed programs to answer these needs & the two educational major components, Investor Protection (Outreach Programs) and Investor Education (STARS Program)
  4. The Invest Ed documentary Series
  5. The PSA series
  6. Investor Education
  7. Seniors Investor Protection Program in development
  8. Importance of helping the investing public & the more vulnerable senior population protect themselves from investment scams & con artists through education to starting investor education early.
  9. STARS Program
  10. Visit the Invest Ed website and learn more about how you can put our resources/programs to use in your lives

Kent Meyers, Irving Faught