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"What is i2E?" was first aired on Sunday February 10th 2013. Our Guest was Scott Meacham, President and CEO, i2E.

Our topics included:
  1. Discuss how the State's financial picture is looking.
  2. His thoughts on the progress and feelings on whether the State is out of trouble or more rough times ahead.
  3. What is i2E.
  4. What the name implies and why he is involved.
  5. Mission of i2E and how it intends to accomplish it.
  6. Why this endeavor is important.
  7. Still being in private practice, how he is going to balance his private practice with his duties at i2E.
  8. The major activities in which i2E engages.
  9. Utilization of volunteers by the organization.
  10. How one would get involved.

Kent Meyers, Scott Meacham