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"Update on the Innocence Project" was first aired on Sunday February 3rd 2013. Our Guest was Lawrence K. Hellman, Executive Director, Oklahoma Innocence Project.

Our topics included:
  1. Recent change in his position.
  2. How his daily activities have changed since he made this change in position.
  3. Types of changes that have taken place at OCU Law recently in relation to personnel and facilities, i.e. change in Dean; purchase and rebuilding.
  4. Discuss the development of the Innocence Project in Oklahoma and Oklahoma City University Law School in particular.
  5. Discuss the formation of the Clinic at OCU Law.
  6. The principal areas of activity for the clinic.
  7. Who is included within the work at the Clinic: the faculty, staff, students, outside lawyers.
  8. Relationship the Clinic has to the National Innocence Project organization.
  9. How their mission gives statewide coverage to this endeavor.
  10. How they find cases to consider –criteria used.
  11. What the students do in relation to the cases choosen.
  12. What he does.
  13. What the Executive Director does.
  14. How procedures are changing in our judicial system to limit the number of cases where errors are being made.
  15. What viewers can do.
  16. Need for volunteers or assistance, financial or otherwise.

Kent Meyers, Larry Hellman