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"Meet Our New Presiding Judge" was first aired on Sunday January 6th 2013. Our Guest was The Honorable David Lewis, Presiding Judge, Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals.

Our topics included:
  1. Congratulations on being elected Presiding Judge of the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals and his retention election victory.
  2. Having been on the bench in Oklahoma since 1991, how he has found service to the citizens of Oklahoma from the bench.
  3. Major needs the Court of Criminal Appeals has that he hopes may be addressed while he is Presiding Judge.
  4. Discuss the makeup of the Court and the general docket caseload.
  5. How cases are assigned to individual Judges for initially writing an Opinion.
  6. Discuss handling capital case matters and do they give him particular concern to deal with those matters.
  7. In general, how trial Judges are doing in handling criminal cases.
  8. Does our system allow for the equalizing of docket load among the District Courts in Oklahoma by either transferring cases or transferring Judges.
  9. Difficulty for a District Judge to handle a full docket without having the benefit of Law Clerks as are available in the federal system and in our appellate system.
  10. Approximate amount of his time will be spent on administrative duties as Presiding Judge as opposed to hearing and deciding cases.

Judge Lewis, Kent Meyers