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"Thunder Voices" was first aired on Sunday December 16th 2012. Our Guests were Brian Davis, Broadcaster, OKC Thunder and Grant Long, Television Analyst, OKC Thunder.

Our topics included:
  1. How the two of them become paired up.
  2. Neither of them being from Oklahoma City, impact spending this much time here had upon them
  3. In the off season do they stay in Oklahoma City or go elsewhere
  4. Grant, having had a long and successful playing career in the NBA, his view of the Thunder's performances is affected by his playing experience
  5. Brian, how he compares this season so far to last season, particularly with the roster changes
  6. Why they both attend practices and what they learn
  7. Of the Thunder starters, have any of them assumed a different role this year from past years because of the departure of James Harden
  8. How each handicaps the Western Conference race this year
  9. How they gauge the fan support this year as opposed to prior years
  10. Role of assistant coaches and how active they are in teaching in practice, meetings or other activities
  11. When on the road with the team, kind of reception the Thunder gets from the fans in the other cities
  12. Work each does together in preparation for the televising of a game
  13. How players go through an 82 game season without being significantly injured considering how many times during the ball game they will hit the floor hard
  14. Role on the team of the players who very seldom ever get to play and how they make their most significant contributions to the success of the team
  15. What each likes most about being a broadcaster for the Oklahoma City Thunder