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"Lawyering in 2012" was first aired on Sunday December 9th 2012. Our Guests were Joel Wohlgemuth, Attorney and Sean Burrage, State Senator and Attorney.

Our topics included:
  1. Why each decided to become lawyers
  2. How Joel came to be in Oklahoma
  3. How Sean decided to practice in Claremore
  4. Sean - His political career as a Senator and how this impacts helps/hurts his law practice
  5. Type of cases that gives each of them the most satisfaction
  6. Changes they would like to see in the practice of law to make it more responsive to needs of clients and to the administration of justice
  7. Thoughts on more and more cases settling rather than being tried
  8. How well law schools are adequately training their new graduates to enter the practice of law in Oklahoma
  9. Are they over training/under training new graduates and if so in what area