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"What's New at Integris" was first aired on Sunday November 18th 2012. Our Guest was C. Bruce Lawrence, President and CEO, Integris Health.

Our topics included:
  1. His role as President and CEO of Integris.
  2. Since having been on the job for a while, his findings about the new position he assumed.
  3. Major priorities for the near term.
  4. Current expansion plans for Integris either on its Northwest Oklahoma City campus or elsewhere.
  5. The task of complying with new federal requirements both statutory and regulatory.
  6. How changing technology affects the way medicine is being practiced today.
  7. Need for outlying clinics or hospitals apart from their main location.
  8. Major areas of healthcare which Integris is expanding or about to enter.
  9. How the Supreme Court's decision in the new healthcare law, upholding the requirement that most folks have health insurance, will impact their hospital system.
  10. How preventive care will make a difference in the lives of patients if adequately offered and taken advantage of by them.
  11. How peacefully the State of Oklahoma government and federal healthcare requirements can coexist.